The Importance of a Good User Experience

04 Mar 2019
Tools and Technology | 2 min read

The Importance of a Good User Experience

When it comes to software applications like iPresent, user experience ...

By Mike Burgess
21 Jan 2019

5 Great Ways to Close Your Sales Presentation

Tempting though it may be to do an Obama-style mic drop to close your ...

By Ben Beadle
03 Jan 2019

5 Great Ways to Open a Sales Presentation

Engaging an audience is hard. But it’s easier to do it at the start of...

By Ben Beadle
18 Dec 2018
Improving Sales | 4 min read

Is it Time to Freshen Up Your Sales Playbook?

Once upon a time, perhaps a long time ago, your company devised a sale...

By Ben Beadle
04 Dec 2018

Creating Content that Enables Customers to Become Brand Ambassadors

It’s official: the flywheel is replacing the funnel. In HubSpot’s Ulti...

By Charlotte Powell
08 Nov 2018

The Flywheel: Aligning a Whole Business Around the Customer

The first big reveal in HubSpot’s Ultimate Guide to Marketing Trends i...

By Polly Sims
01 Nov 2018
Sales Training | 5 min read

Do You Recognize These Bad Sales Techniques?

In my 25 years in sales, I’ve sat on both sides of the table, as a sal...

By Josh Dhaliwal
24 Oct 2018
Sales Enablement | 4 min read

5 Tips for Building Trust in an Age of Consumer Cynicism

We all know that trust is central to building a strong customer relati...

By Josh Dhaliwal
18 Oct 2018
Improving Sales | 4 min read

How to Maintain Audience Engagement During Your Demo

Think back to the last demo you gave. How did it go? Was your audience...

By Ben Beadle
16 Oct 2018
Sales Training | 5 min read

What is the Best Way to Deliver Sales Training?

There are three primary ways to deliver sales training: face to face (...

By Josh Dhaliwal
11 Oct 2018
Sales Training | 4 min read

Should You Have a Sales Script?

Here’s a divisive question: should you have a sales script? Lots of pe...

By Ben Beadle