Are Your Sales And Marketing Teams Aligned To Share A Common Goal?

16 Sep 2019

Are Your Sales And Marketing Teams Aligned To Share A Common Goal?

Sales & Marketing teams are meant to be best friends. They’re both wor...

By Guest blog from Scott Miraglia
05 Sep 2019
Sales Enablement | 2 min read

iPresent Is Evolving: Sales Enablement For All

We have exciting news! iPresent has been acquired by US-based Sales En...

By Keith Parrish
16 Jul 2019
Tools and Technology | 5 min read

3 Reasons Why Life Science Companies Need a Sales Enablement Platform

If you’re selling pharmaceuticals, biotech, or medical devices, we’d l...

By Ben Beadle
26 Jun 2019
Tools and Technology | 4 min read

Remembering the ‘why’ in a Sales Enablement onboarding program

We’ve said before that the successful rollout of a Sales Enablement to...

By Polly Sims
09 May 2019

Increasing Cross-Selling Opportunities in Sales Meetings

Cross-selling is the technique whereby you optimize your sales process...

By Ben Beadle
24 Apr 2019
Sales Training | 3 min read

Commission and Salespeople – Friends or Frenemies?

Salespeople are typically paid on commission. They may get a basic sal...

By Josh Dhaliwal
25 Mar 2019
Improving Sales | 3 min read

5 Things I Learned from Shari Levitin About Asking Sales Questions

We thought we’d share some words of wisdom from Shari Levitin’s Heart ...

By Ben Beadle
18 Mar 2019
Sales Training | 3 min read

How to Hire the Best Salesperson For Your Business

We recently spoke with Thomas Williams, a MillerHeiman affiliate and o...

By Josh Dhaliwal
14 Mar 2019

Sales and Marketing Alignment: Best Practice Guide for Business Leaders

Let me make this point: Much of your sales results and business succes...

By Guest blog from Peter Strohkorb
04 Mar 2019
Tools and Technology | 2 min read

The Importance of a Good User Experience

When it comes to software applications like iPresent, user experience ...

By Mike Burgess
21 Jan 2019

5 Great Ways to Close Your Sales Presentation

Tempting though it may be to do an Obama-style mic drop to close your ...

By Ben Beadle