10 Sales Enablement Statistics That Will Make You Want To Try It

Written by Josh Dhaliwal
on December 20, 2017

 Sales Enablement Statistics

Sales Enablement is a key business trend, growing in importance and popularity. It fits in neatly alongside other industry trends, such as inbound marketing, account-based marketing and social selling, as a means of equipping your salespeople to be thought leaders and consultative sellers able to offer customers solutions rather than spiel.

Included under the Sales Enablement umbrella are content, training and technology. Achieving true Sales Enablement means aligning the sales and marketing operations as one revenue-driving unit, rather than separate entities passing the customer between them. Once you’ve created this synergy, your business will be unstoppable.


Not convinced? Here are 10 Sales Enablement statistics proving why you should trial a Sales Enablement Tool


Sales reps spend on average 440 hours per year searching for the right content. (Source: Inc.) That’s 440 hours that could be spent generating revenue. 


Salespeople need the right content at the right time – 58% of pipeline stalls because reps are unable to add value. (Source: Salesforce)


86% of sales managers believe that digital tools will help improve job performance, with mobile Sales Enablement Tools fundamentally changing the nature of enterprise sales. (Source: Adobe)


86% of buyers will listen if sales professionals provide insights about their business. (Source: LinkedIn Research)


95% of buyers chose a solution provider that “provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process”. (Source: The TAS Group)


B2B organizations with closely aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth. (Source: Wheelhouse Advisors) 


Sales Enablement solutions are the top technology investments for boosting sales productivity. (Source: Forbes)


84 percent of sales reps achieve quotas if their company has adopted a "best-in-class" Sales Enablement program (Source: Aberdeen Group)


Among organizations reporting $750 million or more in annual revenue, 83 percent have deployed or plan to deploy an enablement team. (Source: Sirius Decisions)


59% of companies that surpassed revenue targets – and 72% that exceeded them by 25% or more – have a defined Sales Enablement function, compared to only 30% of underperforming organizations. (Source: Forbes)


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