5 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service

Written by Polly Sims
on May 08, 2018

Customer service

Customer service is something every company has to think about and can really elevate your company above the competition! Apart from a friendly customer team how can you ensure you are providing exceptional customer service and enabling customer success? Here's our top 5 tips.  


1. Set aside time to talk and review

Congrats! Your prospect is now your customer! Maybe you have done a fair amount of hand holding through the onboarding process, and they are up and running. This doesn't mean you can now sit back and leave them to it. Now it’s time to shift into ‘success’ mode. It's a good idea to host regular calls where you can review progress against your customers original requirements and KPIs. This is a great time to answer any questions your clients may have and set goals for the month.

Regular contact also gives the opportunity for customers to give feedback. We all know how important it is to have a well-functioning feedback mechanism – it’s part of the foundations of a successful business. We all like to hear feedback when things are going well with a customer because generally it means we are all doing a great job and they love your product. If a customer’s feedback highlights an area needing improvement for your product or service, take advantage of this; they may be telling you about a ground breaking feature which could transform your business! Make sure you follow up with customers on how improvements or new features are coming along. Let them feel they are a part of your team.

2. Keep them informed

If your product or service regularly puts out updates and enhancements, it’s important to keep your customers up to date. Schedule regular product update announcements, whether that's via email or a customer blog, in addition to hosting your review calls.

Video is an engaging and easy to digest way of demoing new features, and work really well in conjunction with written format for tutorials. 


Customer Service


3. Respond quickly and make yourself available

A customer should never have to chase for a response, make sure every email in your inbox is dealt with by the end of every day. If you're unavailable for any reason your email auto reply should be on and referring them to someone who can help quickly. This may seem obvious, but it's often forgotten, leaving customers frustrated.

Sometimes we all need to push back on requests or unrealistic deadlines, by setting realistic expectations everyone knows where they stand and it's less stressful, smoother ride for everyone. Never ignore a request or question hoping it will just go away or be forgotten about - if you don't know the answer to a customer question, simply let them know you are looking into it. 

It’s important that you can make yourself available to talk at a time to suit your customer, if that means occasionally you need to start a little early or stay late then that’s what you need to do. They will appreciate the effort and that goes a long way, both for existing customers and potential new business.


4. Be approachable and take an interest

It may sound obvious, but no one wants a frosty reception when they call for some help, or to feel like they are being a pain when they call for the fifth time because they just can’t remember how to run that report! If customers feel they can contact you when they need to, they will move quicker through their journey and be more successful with your product or service. 

Take an interest in your customer's lives, obviously don’t make things awkward, no one wants a stalker! However, if a customer tells you about an important event – an anniversary or a graduation – jot it down and remember to ask them about it next time you talk. Build a rapport with your customer, they will value your personal attention. It’s the little things!


5. Referrals go both ways

We all know the power of referrals! Refer your customers to each other. Not only is it a nice thing to do, it also shows that you understand your customers’ businesses and that you are always listening out for opportunities to help them.

Equally if your customers receive the support and care they require to get the results they need from your product, they are more likely to refer you to other people and shout about you on social media. Testimonials from happy customers on your website are powerful and can be enough to give your business the edge on a competitor so make sure you shout loud and proud when you get them!  

So don't forget to shout about your customer success stories and good feedback externally through formats such as case studies as video testimonials. But it's also really important to share them internally too, it's great for moral and helps the teams to see that going the extra mile for customers really pays off.





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