6 Questions to Ask When Repurposing Content

Written by Ben Beadle
on May 30, 2017

6 Questions 2-2

Really great content is hard to come by, so when you’ve got it, you need to make the most of it. Just because your white paper, ebook, case study, etc. is a year old, doesn’t mean it’s no longer relevant. In fact, there’s a lot to be said for giving your sales team content they know they can work with. However, despite the fine wine and vintage cheese analogies, ageing does have some side effects and promoting old content without checking it first can be dangerous. We’ve put together six questions you should ask before you send your old content back out on the road.


1. Is this content ripe for repurposing?

Yes, it’s an obvious starting point. Some things are easier to repurpose than others. Popularity is not the only marker here – you need to consider how much there is in the piece to reuse. Reverse engineering an infographic into an ebook, for example, is much harder than turning a white paper into a blog post. Remember, the objective of repurposing content is to make the most of what you have and save time.


2. Is everything up-to-date?

Check branding, check your facts, check that everything in the report is still true and then check it again. Do you need to update stats? (Hint: if there are stats, then yes, you do.) Are the happy customers quoted still your happy customers? Are the products and services mentioned still available? Is your logo up-to-date? The importance of accuracy cannot be overstated.


3. Can you improve on it?

Feedback from the piece’s first outing – whether from your audience or your sales team – might give you the opportunity to enhance the content, perhaps by adding new information, or expanding its reach. Very few marketing people would be able to look back on content without wanting to make some updates so be careful to give yourself time to do this. Repurposing is not necessarily going to be a quick fix.


4. Can you explode it?

If you’ve written an ebook or white paper, why not break it down into smaller pieces for your blog? Include tweetables to make it easy for your audience to share. The results of a survey, for example, could become an infographic, while larger sections of the book could be summarized into a list style blog.


5. What else could it look like?

Let’s take a webinar as an example. Webinars are great for giving your clients value, but repurposing could bring you a whole new audience. You could record the webinar and put it up on YouTube. You could take the slides out and publish them on SlideShare. These slides might also work well as graphics to post on social media. The transcript of the webinar could become an ebook. It could also be broken down into blog posts. A snippet of each of these blogs could be posted on social media. Any or all of this could be part of an email marketing campaign.


6. How did it work out last time?

If you’re repurposing something you've previously used on social or on your website, it’s worth checking back on the analytics. See how it performed – what worked and what didn’t – and make a plan with that information in mind. If you believe in the content but the reception was muted, repurposing might give it the new lease on life it needs.


Ready to give it a go? Here are one, two, three suggestions for repurposing content into a different format. And we’d love to hear your tips and tricks for making your content go further. 




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