Josh Dhaliwal

Professional sales manager with 24 years of experience in international B2B sales. Currently managing sales at iPresent the Sales Enablement platform.
16 Oct 2018
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What is the Best Way to Deliver Sales Training?

There are three primary ways to deliver sales training: face to face (...

09 Oct 2018
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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Badmouth Your Competitor

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07 Aug 2018
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SMART Ways to Prove the Value of Sales Training

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31 Jul 2018

The Importance of Sales Enablement in Financial Services

Given our recent history, it’s no surprise that customers don’t have a...

26 Mar 2018
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Why Sales Training Should be Continuous to be Effective

Sales training is a topic close to my heart. I don’t just sell compani...

20 Mar 2018

How to use Storytelling Techniques for Sales Success

Salespeople have always been storytellers – that’s not news. We like t...

12 Mar 2018
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How To Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract New Customers

I like LinkedIn: I like the platform it gives me and the networking op...

16 Feb 2018
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How To Best Use Your Tablet - 5 Innovative Tips For Salespeople

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12 Feb 2018
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Bad Email Habits That Are Making You Look Unprofessional

Email is a minefield. Phrases that sound perfectly reasonable to one p...

23 Jan 2018
Sales Enablement | 3 min read

3 Signs It’s Time to Invest in a Sales Enablement App

2018 is officially here and I bet some of you had ‘be more organized' ...

15 Jan 2018
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How To Sell Salespeople On The Benefits Of Marketing Content

It’s a common complaint that salespeople don’t use the collateral prov...