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Empower Sales with Instant Access to the Latest Content

April 18, 2018 by Charlotte Powell
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Instant Access to the Latest Content

Public Health England were finding that getting the latest brochures out to all their sales teams had become a logistical nightmare and the money lost on brochure wastage and reprints every time there were updates was a problem - they decided content needed to go digital. While this solved the print issue, they still wanted to make sure that all sales teams had the same most up to date content available from their mobile devices. After trialling different Sales Enablement Platforms they decided iPresent best suited their needs. 

The need

With employees working in different locations and an array of different services and products on offer, Public Health England needed a tool to manage collation of material and ensure everyone was always up to date with all of the company’s current content.

It had to be:

  • Somewhere to collate all the current collateral to be found when needed, while doing away with costly print.
  • Quick and easy to update and push content to all end users.
  • Intuitive for employees to use and find what they need quickly at events, in one-to-one customer meetings and also for the on boarding process.
  • Digital to save brochure reprints and carrying heavy, bulky brochures around the world.


The Solution

iPresent's Sales Enablement Platform improves performance through three core themes:

  1. Beautiful Mobile Presentations for impact and results - Fully customizable app to ensure presentations are always on-brand, while interactive menus allow for a dynamic sales story. Available multi-platform, meaning a seamless experience whatever device sales are using. 
  2. True Content Management meaning everyone’s always up to date - Maintain full control while getting the latest content into the hands of your sales teams, at the touch of a button.
  3. Closed Loop System of analytics and feedback - Use feedback from sales along with detailed analytics to measure and improve content for better customer engagement.


The Public Health England multi-platform Content Set

Instant Access to the Latest Content

The Impact

The key benefits Public Health England have gained from the iPresent solution:

  • Instant access to the latest content, from anywhere on any device.
  • Replacing paper collateral with digital material saved money, while being environmentally sustainable.
  • Can be used offline at events and in meetings.
  • Sales can instantly share content with clients from the app during the meeting or create a sharelist to be emailed at the end of the meeting.
  • Full control of all collateral so it’s never out of date and communicating a consistent brand message. 
  • Customers can know the whole story and all services, which was never possible before.



"After trialling different products, iPresent ticked all the boxes. The fact that you can have all your collateral there at hand, even on the phone and then just email it straight out is great. iPresent is highly valued here and I am a very happy customer!"

Jonathan Kilpatrick
Marcoms Officer, Business Development Team  Public Health England



Instant Access


For you reference you can download a printable version of the Public Health England case study. 


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