Gather Those All-Important GDPR Compliant Sales Leads Wherever You Are

Written by Keith Parrish
on May 25, 2018


Well here we are, in a new age of data protection. By now I bet even the sound of the dreaded acronym GDPR is enough to send you to sleep. And has your inbox been flooded with emails from companies you didn’t even know had your data? I know mine has. And yes, I’m ignoring most of them so as to get off those lists I never wanted to be on in the first place…  


That sentiment right there is why we think that GDPR is going to be good for business. Sure, you’ll lose people from your ‘pipeline’, but if they didn’t even know they were in your pipeline they probably weren’t great leads to begin with. Those who are interested will come back to you – just like I’ll go crawling back to Pizza Express next time I want a 50% off voucher.

From a business perspective of course, we also have to consider the other side of the coin: How do we move forward in collecting those all-important GDPR compliant sales leads?


Managing GDPR compliance with digital data forms

Whether in meetings, at events, or even at baggage claim in the airport, salespeople need to be able to collect customer contact information in a manner that ensures compliance with new data protection regulations. That’s why digital data forms are included as a core feature in the iPresent Sales Enablement technology. Data forms enable users to collect customer names, contact information, signatures and the all-important opt-ins, not to mention photos, so users can capture pictures of business cards or even the customer’s beautiful smiling face and keep it safely (and legally) on file. Everything you need in one form – no paper, no fuss, no risk.

Data forms enable you to collect contact info and the all-important opt-in

Your data is safe with us. iPresent is built on industry-leading cloud security architecture, conforming to the highest levels of compliance. All files stored on iPresent are encrypted at rest and in transit, staying safe in the cloud and on mobile devices. Since data security is one of our top priorities, we carry out frequent penetration tests by well-recognized security experts to make sure that the highest quality of security is maintained throughout the app. 


The ease of using data forms 

Data forms can ensure you’re all clear on the GDPR front, but of course we didn’t just build it for that. We built it because we know how important it is that you collect and store customer contact information in a practical, accessible and, yes, compliant way. We know what it’s like to be in front of a customer and want to take down their details right there and then, and ensure those details are added into your CRM as soon as possible so that you can get on with your job. 

Gone are the days of collecting a load of business cards at an event then inputting them one by one... You can't prove where that card came from, but that's not the only concern. You can't put a face to the card, you can't remember who spoke to that person or what they even wanted to talk about. A digital data form also avoids using old-fashioned paper forms, which are vulnerable for a number of reasons, not least because of how easy they are to lose. The iPresent app is available on all mobile devices, meaning you can take advantage of every opportunity that arises using a tailor-made data form (we have templates if you need them!) that integrates seamlessly with the other resources on your fully-branded app.

You don’t need Wi-Fi to make it work; the data will be stored on your device and will sync with the cloud next time you have internet access. Good news for those exhibition dead zones – especially as you can simply leave your tablet in Kiosk mode at your exhibition booth to let your customers fill out their details and even email copies of the relevant resources to themselves. How’s that for an active opt-in?

Once you’ve collected the data you can export it as a .csv file, or transfer it to your CRM. You can also get to work immediately and send tailored content to your new contact from within the app, safe in the knowledge that a record of that interaction will also be stored in iPresent and in your integrated CRM so that you can track the customer’s journey right from the outset. Handy, right?


Every little thing is going to be alright

So, to sum up: GDPR is going to be good for business because though you’ll have fewer leads, they will be warmer leads. And although all this compliance stuff may be giving you a headache right now, all you really need is the right policy in place and the right tools for the job.

Every little thing is going to be alright.




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