The Importance of a Good User Experience

Written by Mike Burgess
on March 04, 2019


When it comes to software applications like iPresent, user experience (UX) is everything. We could have the best technical product with all the features under the sun, but if it’s difficult to use it’s basically pointless.

We’ve written before about the importance of a good UX. Apps should be easy to navigate, effortlessly functional and intuitive to use. My job at iPresent is to make sure that we deliver on all those fronts, and that we’re catering to our users’ needs. I thought I’d share a bit about how that all works, from the perspective of a Product Manager.




Understanding customer’s needs

When people choose iPresent, they are typically looking for off-the-shelf Sales Enablement technology to fulfil their organisation’s need for one or more of the following:

  • A sales presentation tool that looks impressive
  • An easy means of sharing sales collateral across large teams
  • A way of controlling the brand message, to eliminate the use of unapproved or out-of-date content
  • A tracking tool to analyse how and what content is used, to improve content development

Because customers have different buying motivations, we have to ensure that the UX delivers – whatever the initial reason for purchase. And because we’re a subscription-based service, we also want users to find the whole app so easy and appealing to use that they stick with us and grow their usage.

It’s so important to talk to customers from the outset to get under the skin of what they’re trying to achieve with the app. Taking the time to get to know their business and how they will use our product pays dividends in the onboarding process, but it’s also the best way for us to plan product improvements and new features.


Flexibility and community

I called iPresent an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution – and it is. But the SaaS (software as a service) model also has the ability to be a lot more flexible than custom-built apps, which tend to be built once and then left to grow obsolete or until another injection of cash is available to update them.

We’re continuously working on our product, listening to our customers and responding to their needs with new features that are then automatically available to our customers at no extra cost. It’s one of the things I am most proud about as a company – our customer relationships and the technical innovations that come out of them. It may be that we’re working on something because one client particularly needs it, but all our customers will ultimately benefit from that solution. It feels like a great big community and we’re all pushing each other to be better.


Why I love my job

The thing I find most rewarding about my job is when you spend a bunch of time planning and prototyping a feature – it goes through planning, prototyping, testing; it can be a long process – but then it finally makes it out into the wild into your customers hands and it clicks in the way you’re really hoping it would.

Plus, I enjoy spending my days working with other people who love tech as much as I do – and staying on in the evening for after-office gaming parties!

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