How To Use Statistics To Convince Customers

Written by Keith Parrish
on May 22, 2017

statistics to convince

UK Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott’s recent radio interview in which she repeatedly fluffed her numbers is a reminder to us all of the importance of keeping pertinent facts to hand during important meetings. In the interview, the sound that fills the awkward silences as Ms Abbott struggles to find the correct figure she needs, is that of shuffling paper.

Someone get the lady an iPad loaded with all the campaign figures!

Diane Abbott’s sales pitch to the electorate that day was a failure, but we all make mistakes. Who hasn’t gone into a sales meeting not fully prepared? For some sales pitches the details may be considered secondary to the narrative in the pitch, but even so it always pays to have the facts and figures to hand so you can answer all possible questions. Having the correct figures can help convince customers, giving your pitch:



Having access to the figures means you can speak with authority. Whether the data relates to increased profit margins, user experience or customer feedback, it is all evidence you can use to substantiate the claims you’re making about your product.



Having the facts to hand gives you the confidence to pitch effectively, and pitching confidently will inspire confidence in your customer. Prospects might greet a sales pitch with cynicism but hard facts can be pretty compelling.



Trust is a crucial element of the sales relationship. Being unable to properly answer questions about your product, or attempting to steer the conversation away because you know you don’t have the facts to hand, will not endear you, your product or your company to your prospective client.


A word of warning

You can absolutely use statistics to convince customers, but too many numbers can overwhelm your audience. Don’t throw them around needlessly, but do go prepared with all the figures you might need to convince your client.


The right tools for the job

In today’s data driven business world, a handful of scribbled notes will not suffice – nor is it at all professional. A sales enablement tool can ensure you have all the collateral you need on your mobile device helping you avoid any embarrassing paper shuffling and awkward silences or worse, giving incorrect information!






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