iPresent Is Evolving: Sales Enablement For All

Written by Keith Parrish
on September 05, 2019


We have exciting news! iPresent has been acquired by US-based Sales Enablement company Mediafly. We are delighted to be joining forces with a company that so closely shares our vision of Sales Enablement For All.

Mediafly offers a portfolio of enterprise-grade Sales Enablement solutions. They believe in the power of better selling experiences, where salespeople are able to provide more valuable insights at the right time thanks to advanced sales intelligence and using engaging sales tools – an ethos entirely in alignment with iPresent’s Sales Enablement Platform.


The Mediafly portfolio includes:

  • Workshops, benchmarking and advisory services
  • Content management
  • Interactive selling tools including ROI & TCO calculators
  • Sales readiness tools
  • AI/ML powered CRM Integration along with analytics & insights

These advanced capabilities will complement iPresent’s easy-to-use user interface and self-service model, creating a Sales Enablement solution that works for customers of all sizes – wherever they are on their Sales Enablement journey - Sales Enablement For All.


Transforming sales and selling with a uniquely agile solution

iPresent has been on an incredible journey so far. As one of the pioneers of Sales Enablement Technology, we have grown to become a leading force in the technical space despite also being one of the smallest companies in the field. This next phase will see us continue our evolution while remaining true to our core values of providing an engaging selling experience and great customer service.

Together, iPresent and Mediafly will provide the most agile Sales Enablement solution on the market making Sales Enablement easy, effective and evolved.

  • Easy - For those just beginning their Sales Enablement journey, our self-serve model gives you easy and instant access to smart selling technology. You can deliver stylish sales presentations from our beautiful app, gather insights about how content is used through our reports and analytics functions and develop a better sales process by bridging the gap between sales and marketing.
  • Effective - For those users seeking additional capabilities, a host of integrations and advanced features enable you to take your sales transformation to the next level. Greater insight into your process informs your sales enablement strategy, ensuring your salespeople are fully supported in the field.
  • Evolved - Big or small, you are guaranteed best-in-class customer service. Both Mediafly and iPresent believe that the size of your sales team should not be an obstacle to achieving sales greatness – or as Mediafly puts it, reaching a state of Evolved Selling™.

The major advantage of joining the two solutions will be in creating an effective Sales Enablement tool that meets you wherever you are in your sales transformation, growing with you as your needs change. And by joining two fantastic teams, we’ll also be able to provide a better service.


Customers first, last and always

Just like iPresent, Mediafly prides itself on putting its customers at the heart of operations. Our solutions are developed to answer customers’ needs and our customer relationships are strong – which is proven with a high customer retention rate year on year. That shared emphasis on customer success is how we know that Mediafly is the best fit to take us forward – it’s a meeting of minds as well as tech!

Customers will continue to receive the same personal service that they always have – only better, now that we have more hands on deck. We will continue to be responsive and customer-led, ensuring that all users have the tools they need to support their optimum sales process. And in terms of the acquisition, existing customers should be reassured that nothing is going to change immediately – the new ownership will bring them many more opportunities, but won’t impact the use of the iPresent app or CMS, which will continue with business as usual. Please see the FAQ or speak to your Account Manager for more information.


The start of an exciting new chapter

I’m so proud of our product and our team, who all remain on staff with Mediafly. We’ve come such a long way in a relatively short space of time and in an emerging sector. The opportunity to team up with another customer-centric solutions provider with huge aspirations for the future will ensure our customers get the best service and products on the market.

We can’t wait to dive into this next phase of our evolution – watch this space for more news on all the latest developments.




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