Making the Most of the Stand Up Sales Meeting

Written by Jolyon Matthews
on May 26, 2017

stand up sales meeting

You know that feeling when you’ve spent months trying to book a meeting with a new prospect, only to turn up and find they only have a few minutes, or they forgot to book a room for your meeting?

Being in sales can mean you hear a lot of ‘no’, so when you win a little ‘yes’ – even if it’s more like a maybe – you have to make the most of it. Prepare a five-minute pitch and be ready to do it on the move. You might be surprised at what you achieve in a stand up sales meeting.


A streamlined presentation

Of course you could do a 40 minute TED Talk about your product, but you may not have that kind of time. Refining a back-up pitch to the bare bones will not only ensure that you have a true grasp on your product’s key selling points, your prospect will too. If you’ve done your preparation, five minutes is sufficient to walk them through the need you’ve identified in their business and what you can do to fulfil that need. By limiting your pitch to just these fundamentals, you’re also communicating in a way that is easy for your prospect to receive and remember.


A receptive listener

Think of the difference in your body language when you’re sitting across from someone in a meeting room compared with when you’re walking alongside them. A desk can be a literal and metaphorical barrier to open communications, whereas the informality of walking side by side can lead to a better conversation. So embrace the opportunity but have the content in a way that is easy to transport. You don’t want to be trying to flick through weighty brochures or carrying a clumsy laptop with you. A tablet is the perfect way to present on the move.

An office-based meeting can be full of distractions – a ringing phone, emails pinging in, people knocking on the door. A stand up sales meeting – even a quiet five minutes in the kitchen over a coffee – gives your prospect the chance to actually hear what you’ve got to say.


Creative thinking

Research shows that walking and talking opens people up to more creative thinking. Having the opportunity to problem solve directly with your prospect or customer is a sales dream – no more guesswork or anticipating needs; now you can work together to create the solution that works best for them. Don't disturb the creative flow by coming unstuck when you realize you have no internet connection leaving you unable to present. When using a mobile device to present make sure all of your collateral is available on an app that works offline. 


You still get to pitch

Best of all, having just a few minutes, or having to walk and talk, doesn’t mean you have to ditch your pitch. As long as you have your mobile device, your presentation can move with you. With a good sales enablement app you can pre-set playlists according to your timescale, so you’re not left hurriedly swiping past slides you don’t have time for. Furthermore you can email the client collateral they are interested in straight from the mobile device, rather than trying to leave them with printed material which is likely to be put down and lost. 

So next time someone suggests a stand up sales meeting, or tells you they only have five minutes, you know what to say! 





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