Should you consider iPads for your Salesmen

Written by Josh Dhaliwal
on September 16, 2016

iPads for your sales

My eldest daughter, Kierat (now aged 6 years), was born just 3 weeks before the first iPad went on sale in 2010. My wife and I bought the iPad 1 at Christmas when Kierat was just 4 and a half months old. My wife and I downloaded all the Apps we could find for babies and by the time she was 8 months old she’d figured out how to use her index finger to tap on App icons and use the Home button to go out of an App back to the home page.

The significance of any of this is that I still speak to people who tell me they’re not sure their salespeople are ready to make the switch from laptops to tablets. I hear Sales Managers and Marketing Departments citing that “the sales guys have always used laptops”, or “I don’t know if they will welcome the change” or even better “I don’t think some of them will know how to use an iPad”.


Speaking to companies who have used tablets amongst their salespeople for any period of time the benefits have been profuse.

  1. For a start the time-savings that switching on a tablet gives salespeople means they can spend more time either presenting or talking to the client than they have getting their laptops setup. ADT, one of the first companies to deploy tablets amongst their salespeople found that their salespeople were able to deliver 1/3rd more meetings once they had made the switch to iPads from laptops.

  2. The portability of tablets (and smartphones) mean that salespeople are able to present to clients in places where traditionally there hasn’t been either the opportunity or physical space to put down a laptop. These include having stand-up meetings with doctors in hospital corridors, with busy retailers stood in their shops, restaurant kitchens, factory floors, Porta cabins on building sites etc.

  3. Tablets can also change the dynamic of face-to-face meetings. There’s no longer a need to precariously balance your laptop on your knee sat across a small table from your client in a coffee shop. Tablets allow your salespeople to sit next to your client and guide them through your material in a collaborative style removing the physical barrier of a screen.


Improved productivity from your salespeople and giving them a tool that they will genuinely enjoy using in meetings far outweigh any concerns you may have about whether they’ll be able to pickup and use a tablet.

If you pair your tablet with a Sales Enablement Platform then you could increase the benefits even more, take a look at the quick video below to find out more.


 "iPresent means our sales team now delivers a sleek
all-round showcase of our launches using media,
videos, press coverage and key information all packaged
and stored on one easily portable device." 

Daisy Payne - Marketing for L’Oréal


Pair your tablet with a Sales Enablement technology and you'll wonder how you're sales team ever managed without it. Curious? check out the video below. 








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