What is the Best Sales Content for a Meeting with a New Customer?

Written by Charlotte Powell
on December 19, 2017

content white paper

The days of the old fashioned sales presentation are over. You can no longer turn up to a meeting with your PowerPoint and your pitch, expecting 20 minutes of your prospect’s undivided attention while you list your product features one by one. These days, it’s all about the sales conversation – and that conversation is all about your customer.

Marketing content to support a sales conversation

Conversations, unlike pitches, jump from point to point and back again, following a train of thought rather than a hard structure. You’ll still have your opportunity to speak, but your customer should feel able to jump in and ask questions at any point, which may derail the course of your presentation. The key is to have all the right resources to hand so that you’re always able to answer customer questions and back up your answers with marketing content that supports your statements.

iPresent has launched a new white paper looking at just this topic. With a handy guide to the best sales content to introduce your offering to a new customer, as well as a brief rundown of great follow-up material, this is an essential resource for anyone interested in Sales Enablement content. The white paper also includes shareable sales and marketing stats - and, of course, it's free to download


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